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10 Tips to Become a Marketing Pro


Marketing is one of the fundamental roles in your business. Whether you want to establish yourself as a leader in your market or improve your brand image, you will need to adopt one or more strategies. But how do you optimize your marketing actions? What are the qualities required for this position and what are the innovations that must be understood to ensure the success of its strategy?

Here are 10 tips to be a foolproof marketer!

1 – Be creative

The profession must constantly reinvent itself, with new ideas, and new products that will set the trends of tomorrow. With the proliferation of technologies and applications, creativity is now multichannel and multifaceted. Innovation concerns the creation of new products but also the improvement of existing products. The evidence with the accomplishment of attached objects, which optimize everyday items such as a watch or a toothbrush.

2 – Know how to innovate while remaining simple

Completeness, ergonomics, and simplicity: according to Google, these are the principles for designing an innovative product. New services ought to be easy to understand and utilize. While we are always chasing time, today’s applications are there to save us time. The interfaces must be “user-friendly” to be integrated into the daily use of consumers.

3 – Have a good strategy

A good idea is not enough: it must be accompanied by a solid strategy to launch a new project. According to the major “Marketing2020” study published in 2015, there are 5 key success factors in any marketing campaign: Connection, inspiration, focus, organization, and construction. Also, according to the latest Adobe 2018 Digital Trends report, companies that focus on customer experience perform much better than their competitors. Content management and customer experience are therefore THE top strategic priority for marketers in 2018! You will therefore have to be flexible to adapt your strategy when necessary. The strategy of a product, for example, is constantly evolving through trade advertising. This will indeed change according to the opportunities, cyber criminality.

4 – Have good timing

Organizing your ideas is good, but you also must launch them at the right time. Timing is essential in any marketing action. Snapchat hit the market when the weight of images was being discussed: perfect timing to release an ephemeral photo app. Another example is the marketing stunt by the Oreo brand, which took advantage of the power outage during the Superbowl to launch a humorous ad about the outage that garnered thousands of retweets. Therefore, market monitoring and newsjacking are increasingly used techniques in marketing and press relations.

5 – Embrace mobility and seize the opportunities offered by new tools.

It’s a fact: the customer must now be able to buy a product or service anytime, anywhere. At a time when Instagram is launching a “shopping” button and transforming itself into an online sales site, we suspect that e-commerce sites must be available on Android or iOS. However, not all have taken the plunge. And that’s a problem.

If you don’t go digital now, you will miss opportunities to engage with your customers, who are increasingly using collaboration platforms and social networks to connect with companies and brands. Social networks are constantly reinventing themselves to offer even more attractive services and features for advertisers and businesses. So, seize these opportunities!

6 – Bear in mind that the Emotional Quotient is stronger than the mind

Connected objects can follow our actions, analyze our behavior, and make our daily lives easier and more pleasant. Digital is now able to move us. Advertising has always played on the emotional rope to seduce the consumer, but with the explosion of the internet, cognitive commerce has grown. Your marketing campaign must therefore be able to reach the end customer by showing him the possible benefits in his personal development. Remember that emotions – whether positive or negative – are the basis of many of your customers’ decisions!

7 – Facilitate collaboration

Improvement is present at all levels of the business: it is vital to give everyone a try. Brainstorming, training of ideas… However, it is often the ideas of which we are the least sure that work best. We must therefore not hesitate to encourage sharing within the company.

8 – Learn to build loyalty after the sale

We must continue the collaboration even after the act of purchase. Indeed, the customer’s feedback on your product or service will be decisive in its evolution. In addition, the customer will feel listened to and understood he will be more inclined to become loyal to your brand. Better still, he could become its ambassador. It is, therefore, necessary to individualize the communication with its target. It is also important to have reporting tools and consumer behavior analysis. Marketing is a science-based on data and analyzing it will only improve your strategy with the help of brand strategist.

9 – Think about alternative financing

If you have a brilliant idea but no financial backing, don’t panic! New means of financing exist thanks to digital technology, in particular crowdfunding sites. GoFundMe, Leetchi, KissKissBankBank, and Ulule are the best known, but many sector-specific crowdfunding sites are emerging, such as Lymo, a French real estate crowdfunding platform. Whether through crowdfunding, public or private, there is no shortage of solutions for entrepreneurs. To find out more, we invite you to consult our special file.

10 – Share your experience

Feel free to share your marketing experience, whether internally within your company or externally. The profession and its developments are very often misunderstood or relegated directly to the purely advertising aspect. Sharing skills with training will help other departments and your partners to understand you and better understand the purpose of the job: the visibility of the business, whether offline or online. 

Marketing professionals, we hope this article has been useful to you and that these few tips will allow you to excel in your field.

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