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Windows Shared Hosting: Overview, And, Providers


The most critical decision you’ll have to make for your website is to choose the perfect hosting service. There are numerous service companies on the market, which shouldn’t be surprising. But it’s necessary to choose the one that can conveniently accommodate your particular needs.

A shared server is the number picked among new website owners. Given it is quite cheap and easy to use, most beginners won’t also need the advanced resources. Similar to the same reasoning, a shared server plan designed for Windows operating is another preferred choice. The main basis for this would be familiarity with windows products. 

Also, these servers run on a system that is specially developed and configured with one main goal, to satisfy the specific requirements of the user. Many individuals select a Cheap Windows shared hosting service, as it is one of the most popular options with user-friendly components. This article will provide you with an overview of s shared Hosting and who offers the best service in the market.

What is Windows Shared Hosting?

When you buy windows shared hosting server, you will get a shared hosting environment. In this setting, one main physical server acts as the primary host for multiple website owners. Therefore, all the users of this service will share a common server, along with the server’s space and its resources. 

Before buying a plan, each user on a shared server platform will obtain their share of resources. Also, the main functions of managing the server or other essential tasks get monitored by the service provider.

If you are a new business owner, then you know how important it is to have a solid online presence. Therefore, to get quickly online and start publishing your website, a shared server is a perfect cost-effective solution. For delivering this service, most service providers in the market offer two categories such as Linux and windows.

Before you decide which one serves best for your website, you need to understand your current requirements first. Also, for your web hosting server, it is equally essential to learn about its benefits, security, resources, and other important capabilities that can assist in the future. 

With windows shared Hosting, you get access to easy to follow environment with simple management of your data and emails. Also, since there are several other users present using the same share of resources, they will cut the expense ratio of the service. Hence it becomes one of the most easily affordable plans out here.

3 Factors That Make Windows Shared Hosting a Great Option For Web Hosting

3 Factors That Make Windows Shared Hosting a Great Option For Web Hosting

The number of business owners using a shared server always remains high, and there is a good explanation for this. Considering, initially, when you want an affordable platform that can offer decent services and sufficient resources, Best windows shared Hosting stands out as an excellent solution. 

It meets your current financial requirements

Windows shared hosting is the most economical web hosting service. Since several other users will share the expense of the service, your burden of paying high costs gets lowered significantly. For new businesses, this factor is quite imperative because when your work on tightly budgeted strategies all you want is a beneficial solution that could deliver great results.

Managing and upgrading it is exceptionally easy

First of all, many of us use the windows system, so when that level of familiarity gets added to your web hosting server, it is bound to generate a certain favor. Shared Windows Servers also is simple to operate and maintain. 

Besides this, if you ever feel the need for upgrading your server, you can easily shift and transfer your website. These servers offer a certain limit, therefore when your website starts to experience high traffic volumes, you can upgrade your plan with great confidence.

It’s a wonderful base for your first internet experience

Windows shared hosting server is the perfect solution for your first website. Given its cheap expense and simple resources, you can easily establish your website and start building your online presence. 

Further, this type of service is the best match for ASP and ASP.NET platforms. So if you feel now is the time for you to expand your business reach by creating a new website, then Shared Windows servers are suitable solutions.

What to Look at in Windows Shared Hosting Provider

What to Look at in Windows Shared Hosting Provider

As we said before, several service providers are available in the market for the Best Windows Shared Hosting. That is why selecting the ideal one that can match your requirements becomes a challenge. For this reason, we have collected some key elements that you shouldn’t compromise regarding your web hosting service such as:

  • High level of compatibility- 

With a shared server, you will get a high measure of software compatibility matching your computer systems. You need to find a service provider that understands this need and delivers you suitable service.

  • High standards of safety- 

For every website owner, the protection of the platform and critical data remains paramount regardless of the sector or size. That is why you need to locate a service provider for shared servers that fullies its promise of delivering high-quality security.

  • Reliable service- 

When you pick a shared server, you would expect a decent level of service. However, some service provider fails to live up to the assurance of high availability. Therefore to avoid downtime or sudden crashes make sure your selected service provider offers reliable service.

  • Cost-effective- 

Although a shared server is inexpensive, still you need to verify the level of service you will receive. Considering cheap cost doesn’t give service providers a free pass to neglect your requirements.

  • Cash back policy- 

A dependable service provider for Cheap windows shared hosting will deliver you a service with an assurance of a refund. When you buy a plan ask about their cash back policy. Therefore if you feel the offered service is not up to mark you can ask for immediate money back.

  • 24/7 customer support- 

It has become a norm or the industry benchmark to deliver 24-hour customer service to their client by service provider. When you are searching for a perfect hosting plan, research the standard of services they offer.

5 Best Windows Shared Hosting Providers

5 Best Windows Shared Hosting Providers


When you want an entirely customized environment for your web hosting server, Kamatera’s windows servers will be an optimal choice. With their services, you can build your server as per your demands. Features like RAM, CPU, and storage are all under your specific configuration. Moreover, all of their plans are quite beneficial for people looking to expand their website’s functionality.

Its features include-

  • Different versions of Windows
  • They have 14 different data centers globally
  • They offer the highest level of scalability
  • The most appealing aspect of their offered service is its 30daya free trial option


When you want a well-respected and dependable Web hosting provider, then look no further than Hostbillo’s hosting solutions. With delivering effective web hosting service they also offer a comprehensive range of plans and packages for Windows shared servers. 

Hostbillo is a customer-focused firm, where all plans have a reasonable value attached to them. Besides, their offered service comes from highly advanced technology and cutting-edge features. Hostbillo’s Windows shared Hosting plans comes with high standards tools and reliable resources. 

Also, Hostbillo aims to deliver superior technical assistance for its clients 24/7.

It features include-

  • 7-day cash back policy
  • You can easily select your favored OS, resources, and data centers
  • High-security protocols
  • No-cost SSL certificates
  • Most up-to-date windows server
  • DDoS prevention
  • Easy to use setup


Services offered by InterServer are simple and easy to use. They offer a windows server plan with ASP.NET hosting services. They offer service for multiple website settings, all include their free SSL certificates. With the managed services offered by this company, you can benefit greatly from high-end solutions. 

Therefore, if you want to migrate your website, or demand to incorporate automatic upgrades in your plan, all of these functions are easily added. However, some might consider this a drawback, when you sign up for its service, they don’t necessarily offer you a free domain name.

It features include-

  • High level of safety
  • Speed optimization
  • They utilize the services of 2012 windows
  • You can further incorporate the functions of the Plesk Onyx admin dashboard

Liquid web

When you want cloud-based service, Liquid web manages to deliver the highest quality of services. With their windows shared serves, they offer managed server service to clients lacking technical skills. Although the expense can be high for certain individuals, the worth of these services outweighs the initial cost. 

You can however pick to manage and handle your server; this will cost you less when compared to other plans. They ensure their client will receive 99.90% uptime which is an industry norm.

It features include-

  • Massive volume of bandwidth
  • Fully managed service for all kinds of web hosting service
  • Adjustable configurations settings
  • Enhanced protection


If you are looking for a service provider that offers both managed and unmanaged service with equal measure then Hostwinds is the place for you. They offer windows shared hosting at a slightly high cost compared to other, however that expense is well worth it when you receive the highest grade solutions. 

Having said that, we need to mention that, their service expense remains the same regardless of the payment option you pick. Unlike some other service providers, they don’t offer a wide range of costs and plans, so this can put off certain clients in return. Even though their service level remains top-notch, they also offer cloud-based services. 

It features include-

  • They offer free security surveillance 
  • They also offer firewalls to safeguard your platform
  • Every night backup service
  • Free website migration


If you are launching your new website for the first time, you would want a web hosting solution that is easy to use and simple to manage. Cheap Windows shared server is the perfect solution in this scenario, as most users are already familiar with Windows systems.

This type of web hosting service is an excellent platform for someone who doesn’t necessarily contain high technical skills. Besides, it is also an easily affordable option when compared with other kinds of advanced counterparts. This post aimed to showcase the overview and benefits of Best windows shared server.

Along with its feature, we have introduced five major service providers in the market that offer this web hosting server. We encourage you to carefully evaluate their benefits and your requirements, this way you’ll locate the perfect match for your website.


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