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Which Safe Should You Choose: A Key Locking Or A Digital Safe?


Having a safe for your business is a must-have. It helps keep your valuables safe, especially if you deal with a lot of cash or other valuables daily. Safes are handy because you can limit access to them to authorised personnel. The best part is that you can choose between a digital or physical key. While the choice might seem straightforward at first, a lot depends on the type of key you choose. The type of key system a safe uses tells a lot about the features it offers. If you are thinking of looking at Godrej’s tijori price list to select a safe, here’s what you need to know about digital and physical key safes.

Key Safes

As the name suggests, a key safe requires a physical key to open. The key can range from typical doors, come in different sizes and shapes and are unique. Therefore, the safe key can’t open another safe and vice versa. Usually, a safe comes with two sets of keys.

The Pros of a Key Safe

  • No need to remember passwords: A key is easier to handle for you or your employees. They don’t need to memorise passwords or codes, which they can easily forget as they focus on work. 
  • You always have a spare in case one gets lost. You can also make one from a locksmith.
  • Safe keys rarely fail since they don’t require technology.

The Cons

  • It’s easy to lose the key, especially when employees are involved. The only way for a spare is to call the manufacturer or have one made by a locksmith. Unfortunately, this can be tedious and expensive since there aren’t many experienced safe key locksmiths.
  • Employees might misplace the key, which can comprise valuables’ security.
  • You or your employees might become a target since they must carry the key around. 
  • It’s easy to break the key in the lock, especially with inexperienced personnel requiring specialist retrieval, which could be expensive.

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Digital Locks

These locks come with a keypad containing numbers and letters. Usually, the code or pin consists of a combination of both. Additionally, it uses batteries that you must replace.

The Pros

  • It’s best for multiple users since they can share the code. Therefore, you can share the code with a few trusted employees.
  • A password is easy to remember after you use it for some time.
  • You can change the code whenever you suspect it has been compromised. Therefore, you can change it to deny access to untrustworthy/fired employees.
  • They are easy to use since you only need to key in the pin.
  • You don’t have to carry keys everywhere you go, and it’s hard for other people to know your code.

The Cons

  • Digital safes are expensive and hence not easy to replace after breakage, but you must consider this from the perspective of cost-effectiveness. For instance, you can partner with a brand like Godrej that offers support for such instances. This makes Godrej’s safe price an ideal investment. 

A safe’s lock can determine the level of security for your business. As you purchase one, it’s important to consider each pro and con. For example, a key lock might seem easier to handle, but it compromises security since you can lose the key. On the other hand, with digital locks, your valuables remain secure even after forgetting the password.  

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