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What are the Components of Payroll Software?


It’s the end of the month and time to pay your employees, but you are struggling in doing so. Whoever you asked about the solution to your payments regarding problems, you will receive the same answer, “why don’t you use payroll software.” Payroll software is well known all across the globe due to its assistance in solving all your payroll problems.

However, knowing that payroll software will solve your problem is not enough. You need to get a perfect one for your company to bring its benefits there. You need to get different software, such as time tracking management software, with various others to handle your payroll successfully. However, you will never want to increase your problems by bringing so much software. You need complete payroll software to handle all these things.

Therefore, when choosing software, could you pay special attention to its components? Ask for a free trial to check the details and features of the software and how they work. Here are some of the components of payroll software.

Define Payroll Policies

The first component of payroll software is to define the payroll policies of any company using it. The net salary or net amount of the employees is the total salary they are going to receive. It includes only those amounts which will be their only. All the deductions have already been made.

A payroll software must be able to explain the net salary as it is calculated on the basis of the payroll policy of your company. It will tell the employees about deductions and on which basis they are made. It also tells them about taxes that have been paid from their salaries. Moreover, it also explains the net amount’s calculation by telling them about their working hours and decided salary.

Gather Inputs

Input is the data that is required by any payroll software to calculate the salary of your employees. Payroll software requires inputs to give outputs, just like any other software. It is not a wizard which will tell you everything regarding payroll without any information. So collecting input data is the second component of payroll software.

Different types of data are required for input. Most of it is necessary to enter only once, and changes will be made if needed. The required data include some information about your employees, their designation in your company, wages, and working hours. After that, it will also verify the inputs. Sending mails to the employees and asking them to check their data is the easiest way of verification.

Employees Salaries

Employees’ salaries is the main component of any payroll software. It is the actual purpose of designing it, paying the employees timely. A payroll software must be efficient enough to calculate and deposit the salaries of your employees. Here are the following steps for doing so.

Working Hours Calculation

First of all, a payroll will use its time tracking component to find the total working hours of every employee. It will receive information about their attendance and how many hours they work. It will also keep an eye on their break hours.

Calculating Salaries

The next step is to calculate the salaries of every employee. Knowing the working hours and per hour wages of employees from input, it’s easier to calculate the total compensation. Moreover, it also includes extra hours of working and their salaries. Any bonus or compensation will also be added.

Make Calculation

After calculating the total amount every employee has earned, the next thing is to make deductions. Payroll software will apply all applicable deductions and deduct the amount from their salaries.

Tax Deductions

Tax deductions are also made by software and is a significant component of it. It will receive the tax-paying status of every employee and then deduct tax after calculating it.

Depositing Salary

After finalizing the salaries, the next thing is to deposit them. Good software will deposit it directly into their banks account and send receipts to employees containing all the calculations.


Always prefer payroll with all the above components. Netchex will be a good choice for you to get a perfect one. It will provide the best payroll software with learning management software to make your work easier. You don’t have to struggle a lot in learning its mechanism.

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