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Top Tips to Promote your Next Big Single


Whether you are an up-and-coming artist or have already amassed a following, releasing music is always a challenge especially when you have yet to make your name. So, the song is written, recorded, and produced, all you have to worry about now is how you can reach the right audience.For independent artists, the task of releasing and promoting music is understandably a much harder chore than for those who are under a label. In an industry like music, where new and interesting content is constantly released, you need to come up with a marketing strategy that will boost your music and image.If you are already promoting your music solo and you are preparing for your next single, or you are a new artist releasing their first one, these tips can help build a marketing plan for your launch.

Marketing Package

Before you start releasing your marketing materials you must prepare what you need first. This is the part of your plan where you learn what works and what doesn’t while also researching who your listeners are and how you get their attention. 

The Song

You cannot plan a promotional strategy if the song isn’t even ready to be released yet. Your song has to be finished before you start planning or start promoting it.Make sure that your song means something to you so it can mean something to your audience as well, it has to be a compelling piece of music that will engage your listeners. Make it easy to listen to, short, and playlist friendly.


People have shifted to becoming visual beings, in other words, we are more attracted to things when we can see them. When promoting your music, you also need to have visual presentations to draw people in. Examples of these are:

  • Music Video – a music video will not only help you showcase your music visually and tell its story in-depth, but it is also a promotional tactic that will get people to acknowledge your music. Having a video that accompanies your song will make it more recognizable.Music videos vary in style, you have short film-esque storytelling videos, traditional music videos, and lyric videos which are all the rage these days.
  • Artwork – you need art that is specifically made for the song, something that becomes the face of the music. Having artwork for your song will make it look more legitimate and again, make it more recognizable to your audience.

Artwork for your music includes things like song covers and thumbnails. If you aren’t sure what kind of artwork you want for your music or you don’t have the budget to get it done professionally, there are sites and apps that have features such as an album cover maker and logo makers that can help you create the right feel and graphics.

  • Posters – these are promotional materials that you can display, digitally or physically, to grab passing attention. You can include your song’s description or your own as an artist here to give people an overview of who you are, what you are doing, and why.

Information Kit

Having a page or collection of information that people can reference is also important to prepare for your promotional plans. This can be a webpage or profile where people can find your contact information, your song, song description, and artist bio. You can use this as a center where your listeners can go to learn about you or download your music.

Promo Period

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials for your marketing and promotions, it is now time to start putting them into action. 

Release your Song

There are numerous music streaming platforms you can put your music out on. Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music are some of the most famous and widely used streaming apps today. You can take advantage of their popularity and their built-in promotional tools to help you boost yourself because you can’t just release a song and hope it gets the attention you want.

Digital Promotion

Promoting music – or anything – is made much easier now due to our access to the world wide web. In the age of social media, there are so many angles we can use to get noticed. 

  • Create a page – a place where you can connect with your audience, where they can easily access and see announcements regarding the new song.
  • Post regularly – post your promotional material on your page and constantly draw attention to your music.
  • Sharing – encourage your followers to share your content, this will help you get a wider reach audience and will increase your visibility on social media platforms.

Local Promotions

The digital world is very helpful in creating ties with people that are out of reach but do not forget about your immediate surroundings. Although it is not as quick and much more of a hassle, locally promoting your song is also a great strategy to gain a following within your area.

  • Events – you can join music events and play your music; you can also announce that you have a new single coming out. 
  • Local cafés and restaurants – you can ask local places to place your song, this is a great way to attract new listeners and it might also be a great experience for your current audience.
  • Record stores – you can reach out to your local music shops to get your single played or your EP displayed in the store.

Media Promotions

You can also get extra exposure by sending your song out to media outlets like radio and music magazines, as well as those who have a following themselves, like YouTubers and influencers. This will get you recognition from a whole other level.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your songs yourself can sound exhausting, but it is a start to getting your name and your music out to the people who care the most. You don’t know what kind of opportunities you can get once you do, so it may seem like a lot of work, but you just have to keep going. You have nothing to lose!

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