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Top 8 Ways to Save Money with Your Asphalt Driveway


An asphalt driveway is always nice for any property. Whether you have a domestic or commercial property, the dark finish of an asphalt surface will neat its outlook up. Also, it is such a charm to park your vehicles giving access to the garage or the property conveniently. However, getting a new asphalt surface is quite expensive. Additionally, you can save money with the right measures.

A quality asphalt driveway should last thirty years in most parts of the world. Depending on climate and other factors, this age may vary somewhat. However, with proper maintenance, this figure should be achieved by most projects. It is vital to care for your driveway just like the property itself to prolong its life. So, here are few ways you can save money on your asphalt driveway:

1: Get the Right Hot Mix for Long Life Expectancy

Firstly, you should always get that driveway with the right frame of mind. Ask your contractor to prepare it for longer life expectancy. There are different factors to consider. Your contractor should take into account the climate, soil underneath and other factors while preparing that hot mix.

Depending on different factors, that mixture will have to be altered accordingly. Without boring you much with details, know that composition of that mix has to do with life expectancy a great deal. So, get the driveway that is laid down with an expectation of a longer lifespan.

2: Choose the Right Contractor – Your Time Is Important

Asphalt driveways are substantial projects for any property. Whether you need a domestic one or a driveway for your commercial building, it will take time. Depending on the climate and weather conditions, a full project can take several weeks.

So, make sure to select the right asphalt paving contractor for the job. You time is important. Ideally, you should not have to get a new surface laid for at least three decades.

3: Be Upfront with Budgeting for Asphalt Driveway

Lot of people feel shy to ask for budgeting when getting their asphalt project. A good contractor can do so much to reduce costs. If there is one there already, they might be able to restore it. Also, if a new one is required, they should be able to make it a lot cheaper most of the times.

So, make sure to be upfront with your driveway budgeting. Do your own research and ask your contractor to be as detailed as they can. Save money on the driveway and you should be able to use it elsewhere on renovation projects.

4: Regular Maintenance Saves Money Over New Surface

Many people actually don’t realize how long a good driveway can last. We have seen people ask for new driveway when the only thing wrong with them is a few cracks and some unwanted stains. Regular maintenance should be able to prolong the life of your driveway.

Getting maintenance on your driveway like crack filling and sealcoat is much cheaper than a new project. However, the results are pretty amazing when you get them done right. Be sure to explore quality maintenance instead of a new surface when available.

5: Don’t Forget the Importance of a Fresh Sealcoat

A fresh sealcoat doesn’t only renew the surface of your driveway. It is inexpensive and provides many great benefits. Winter protection is one of them. If your area gets a lot of snow, a fresh sealcoat can help manage it. Snow will melt faster on a fresh seal-coated driveway.

In addition to that, a fresh sealcoat can restore the look and finish of your driveway too. Your driveway paving contractor in Washington should be able to provide one very quickly as well. It is a great way to prolong the life and restore your driveway to its new condition.

6: Get Cracks Filled to Prevent Water Damage

When getting that sealcoat, make sure to look for any possible cracks as well. If there are some cracks developing, they will provide water entryway into deeper layers of the driveway. From there, rainwater or melting snow water can disrupt the adhesive layers underneath.

Also, this water can make the ground underneath shift as well. So, make sure to get crack filling as well before that sealcoat. Or, if your driveway just needs a crack filling, make sure to get it soon. This is inexpensive and will help save money on a full new driveway project.

7: Get Major Restoration and Maintenance Every 10 Years

A good asphalt project lasts good part of three decades. However, it will require maintenance along the way as well. Every driveway should be maintained properly after a period of 10 years. During this time, it will get discolored and start to develop cracks along the surface.

Make sure to get all kinds of organic growths removed from around it too. From crack filling to potholes filling and everything in between, make sure to check for everything required for a restoration.

8: Keep It Clean, Tidy and Looking Nice

Mulch and firewood delivery, leaky engines and many other factors can stain your driveway. Also, in hotter parts of the world, that dark sheen might go away quicker. So, make sure to keep it looking nice and tidy to prolong your driveway’s life.

Makes sure to fix leaky engines. Do not park vehicles on the same spot over and over again. Remove any unwanted stains from your driveway. Get sealcoat every few years for the driveway to look tidy.

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