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Top 5 Products For Dogs and Cats


Calamine lotion is great for pet skin irritations such as bug bites and poison ivy. Calamine lotions often contain zinc oxide which can cause digestive problems for pets. Zinc oxide may also cause anemia by interfering with red blood cell production. These are some alternatives to calamine products that you might consider before buying them for your pet. To play fetch, you might also want to get your pet a West Paw Frisbee.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a urine analyzer for cats and dogs that uses color changes to show when your pet might be in need of immediate medical attention. It is easy to see and the colors can change as a result of different conditions. Also, Pretty Litter is relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands. The company uses veterinarians to develop the formula, and the company is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of safety and hygiene for your pet.

My Alphapet bags

You can buy My Alphapet cat and dog waste bags in boxes and rolls in many fun colors. These bags can be used with standard cat and dog litter dispensers. They measure 9×13 inches in size and have extra layers for holding a lot of cat litter. They are certified compostable and made from cornstarch, which means they won’t rot. You can buy the bags in 120 or 240 packs.

Do not let me go

Products for cats and dogs called “Don’t shed on Me” are great ways to reduce pet’s shedding. It moisturizes dry, itchy skin. The spray is non-sticky, non-oily and can be used on your pet’s hair like a lotion. The non-shedding product also reduces your pet’s dander, which means less hair in your home and less sneezing and itchy nose.

Frisbee West Paw

For larger dogs, the West Paw Frisbee can be a good option. This toy, made from recycled plastic is nearly impossible to break. It is also easy to clean so it’s perfect for outdoor play. This toy comes in a variety of colors and is designed for play. It can be purchased for around $5. This is a great way to keep an eye on your dog when you’re playing with him.

United by Blue

United by Blue food products are a great choice for pets. They’re made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and each purchase will help remove one pound of waste from US shorelines. They are also made from aluminum hardware, which makes them durable and easier to clean. Leashes are a great choice for everyday walks and beach adventures, and BLUE also includes leashes made from sustainable herring, insect larvae, and other human-grade waste.

Catit’s food

Catit’s Nuna premium cat food is a good choice if you are looking for great kibble. This food is made from sustainable protein and contains the larvae of the beneficial insect Hermetia illucens. You cat will receive plenty of fiber and protein, along with a little carbohydrate. You can choose from two types of food. One offers up to 92% protein while the other provides up to 92%.

Bravo Bonus Bite

Bravo Bonus Bite for cats and dogs is a line of frozen-dried meat treats that your pet will love. The treats contain only humanely-sourced chicken, buffalo, and no additional grains. This all-meat, non-growny formula can be used for both training and daily feeding. These delicious snacks have a delicious taste, are low in fat and rich in protein. Dogs will go crazy for these delicious snacks.

West Paw raincoat

There are several things you should keep in mind when shopping for gear for your cat or dog. The first thing you should do is consider the life stage of your pet. If you have a young puppy, you should wait until they are a little older to purchase gear. Puppies grow up very fast, so it is a good idea to assess their potential before purchasing gear. You can also choose a coat that is too long, as it will irritate your pet’s tail.

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