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Top 3 Advantages of Microsoft Power BI


Power BI from Microsoft is a cloud-based application that requires no upfront capital expenditures or infrastructure upkeep, regardless of the company’s size. Power BI is simple to set up and use as any other Microsoft Cloud Service. 

Power BI training provides interested candidates with in-depth insights. 

Power BI is an umbrella term for a collection of many cloud-based apps and services that equip businesses to collect, manage, and analyze data from a range of sources using a simple user interface. One can utilize power BI and other business intelligence solutions for various applications.

What is the purpose of Power BI?

Microsoft Reports and insights based on a company’s data are generated using Power BI. Power BI can connect to various data sources and “cleans up” the information it receives to make it easier to digest and understand. 

Power BI allows users to view what has occurred in the past, what is happening presently, and what may occur in the future.

Power BI primarily gathers and processes data, transforming it into understandable insights through aesthetically appealing and simple-to-understand charts and graphs. Users can create and share clear and valuable snapshots of what’s going on in their company. Microsoft courses and Microsoft certifications testify to one’s resilience and credibility.

Components in Power BI that assist users in creating and sharing data reports

  • A data mashup and transformation tool called Power Query
  • A memory tabular data modeling tool called Power Pivot
  • A data visualization tool called Power View
  • With the help of Power Map, a visualization tool, one can seamlessly create immersive 3D images. 
  • A natural language question and answer engine called Power Q&A

3 Key Benefits of Power BI

#1: Real-time information and analytics:

  • Power BI provides two solid solutions for real-time reports and dashboards to satisfy changing business needs.
  • Real-time decision-making has advantages in every industry. Making judgements based on real-time data allows you to make faster, more proactive decisions than your competition, even if your data isn’t time-critical. 

The users of Power BI Pro can schedule up to 8 refreshes a day, and Premium users can schedule up to 48 refreshes. In an 8-hour workday, planned refreshes can only happen once every 10 minutes, even with Power BI Premium. Automatic Page Refresh and Streaming are methods for achieving real-time analysis in Power BI.

  • Automatic Page Refresh is a preview tool that allows you to fully customize Power BI Desktop while refreshing data as frequently as once every second. You must enable only the Preview Feature option in Power BI Desktop, and data must get imported using DirectQuery.
  • We can describe a streaming dataset as data that is constantly updated and transported to Power BI. Power BI keeps this data in a temporary cache for a short period. Data can be seen as dashboard tiles using the streaming dataset.

#2: Powered by AI:

  • Artificial intelligence aids data analysis, exploration, finding patterns in acquired data, forecasting future outcomes, and making data more understandable for users.
  • Microsoft’s Power BI is the tool that has pioneered NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning, and advanced analytics to bring AI to business intelligence.
  • The Power BI platform includes AI Builder, a new no-code tool that allows users to automate processes and predict outcomes. It’s a solution easily integrated into existing company processes and used right away.
  • Azure Cognitive Services are machine learning models that have been pre-trained to extract insights from vast amounts of data.
  • The Key Influences Visual is Power BI’s newest and first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered visualisation.
  • Power BI also has an AutoML feature that allows business analysts to create unique machine learning models without code.

#3: Seamlessly integrates with Excel

  • Excel and Power BI work together seamlessly. It enables users to combine the two technologies to support various business operations and BI techniques.
  • Even in today’s time, many firms still rely primarily on Excel. You may configure it to see the correct data right away when you open your dashboard. 
  • Power BI’s user interface is pretty intuitive for users acquainted with Excel. Its strong connections with other Microsoft applications make it an exceptionally flexible self-service tool with little upfront training.


Power BI named an industry-leading business intelligence tool by Gartner for the thirteenth year in a row, has amassed immense recognition for all the right reasons. By obtaining a Microsoft power bi certification and Power BI training, one can amp up their career prospects in the IT sector. 

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