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Do You Want to Play Games on 144 FPS? Top Things to Increase Your FPS


You are probably not getting 144 FPS while playing computer games on account of the plan and highlights of the game, the product used to foster the game, dialling back of the central processor because of overheating, deficient memory on the framework, or plate drive lull. At any point needed to play your #1 game at 144 FPS? The facts confirm that 144 FPS is a little pointless excess for most games, yet it’s still great to know how to run it. As a matter of fact, 144 FPS is an extremely normal benchmark for PC lovers.

Gaming is a significant type of diversion nowadays. There are many individuals who put resources into gaming equipment as well as equipment from organisations like Logitech and Razer. Numerous gamers spend up to many dollars on gaming equipment. For this venture, getting the most ideal performance is significant.

 144 FPS is the new norm for PC gaming, and this is particularly valid for serious online multiplayer games. So what do you do in the event that you’re getting under 144? Many individuals are searching for an edge on the opposition by utilising a 144+ FPS screen. The fundamental issue is that more often than not these screens are not effectively accessible and they are extravagant, costing $800 or more. Graphics Card Price in Pakistan 1Gb card Rs. 6,330

Debilitate Windows game mode

Albeit the Windows game mode is expected to assist you with getting the best gaming experience, it doesn’t necessarily in every case work. This mode doesn’t assist in working on the casing with rating constantly and may try and end up being a block to getting the best out of certain games.

Bring down the screen goal

While it may very well be enticing to choose the greatest screen goal for the best lucidity, it may not help in getting the ideal edge rate. Frequently, gamers accomplish 144 FPS or near it by bringing down their screen goal.

Enhance Your Framework

The first and the main tip is to enhance your framework. In the event that you are utilising an old PC, you ought to think about purchasing another one. In the event that you have purchased another PC, you ought to ensure that running on every one of the most recent games is advanced. You can actually look at the similarity of your PC with the most recent games by visiting the authority site of the game.

In the event that you are running on an old rendition of Windows, you want to refresh it. In the event that you don’t refresh your framework then it will be harder to play on a higher edge rate.

Introduce A Decent Illustrations Card

To get a superior casing rate, you really want to introduce a decent Graphic Card. In the event that you have a low-end realistic card, you can not get a decent edge rate. Yet, in the event that you have a very good quality design card, you won’t have any issue playing on a higher casing rate. In this way, in the event that you can’t bear the cost of a very good quality design card, then you ought to attempt to introduce a centre-achieving realistic card.

Introduce A Strong Processor

To run a game at a higher edge rate, you want to have a strong processor. On the off chance that you are utilising an Intel computer chip, it will be a lot more straightforward for you to play at a higher casing rate. In the event that you are utilising an AMD processor, it will be challenging for you to play at a higher edge rate.

Utilise A Decent And Strong Illustrations Card

In the event that you are running on a low-end realistic card, you can not play at a higher edge rate.

In any case, in the event that you have a very good quality Graphic Card, you can undoubtedly play at a higher edge rate. Thus, you ought to introduce a top of the line design card to come by the best outcomes. Read more gossip news at MediaTakeOut.

You can likewise refresh your illustration card assuming it is old. If you would rather not put resources into an outer GPU, then you can likewise redesign your illustration card. On the off chance that you are utilising a PC, you can Purchase another one. However, in the event that you are utilising a work area, you can’t bear to change the illustration card.

Limit the VRAM use

The most ideal way to accomplish this is to switch OFF certain settings or if nothing else limits them. A few settings that you can switch OFF are V-sync, movement obscure, and profundity of field. Additionally, you can set the surface goal and shadow map goal to low or typical. It’s additionally worth setting the render goal to 100 and show mode to full screen.

Players have encountered better environmental elements, mindfulness and point developments with 144 FPS. For instance, this FPS setting assists with spotting adversaries in the landmark quicker than while utilising 60 FPS. There is likewise least idleness and worked on visual consistency with 144 FPS.


You can attempt to get 144 FPS reliably by impairing the Windows game mode, bringing down the screen goal, updating the computer processor, or getting a high level Graphic Card.

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