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Pacman 30th anniversary Feels Intense After Some Levels! Here’s Why?


Well, If you like video games, then you probably might have a chance to play any Pacman 30th anniversary game. The game itself feels awesome at the start but it gets intense after some time. The game keeps getting harder after passing through each level. So today, we are here to answer why you feel the game gets harder although the game didn’t change much.

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So Is It Really Getting Harder?

Well, Yes! but actually no. The game didn’t get any harder as the maze itself doesn’t change. The only change which makes it feel harder is the speed of Pacman and the speed of the ghost. Pacman can get tricky this is mainly because of this change in the speed. As in the past, developers couldn’t offer much. So for each level, they just try to change the speed of ghosts or the number of ghosts.     

How does it get Harder?    

Developers have explained that for each level they have created a different setting. As the level increases, things change a lot. Things like Duration of Energizer, Speed of ghost and Spawn Speed of ghost, etc. All of these settings are adjusted differently for each level. So try to become aware of these settings. Many Expert Players become aware of all these settings. After that, they can easily pass through any level.   

Variable Factors of Pacman 30th anniversary

As I’ve told you earlier, Each level has its own variable settings that change the gameplay. In google doodle Pacman’s 30th anniversary some of these factors can be:

  • Duration of Energizers
  • Speed of Pacman
  • Spawn Speed of Ghosts
  • Speed of Ghost
  • Speed of Ghost
  • Music of the game

These all are some critical features that allow the gameplay to become harder. As the game is made for every kind of player. So, these features provide more value to the game.

These factors tell the ghost to create a chaotic situation for the player. Which leads to getting caught by the ghosts. For starters, it’s best to stay away from them and also try to know their personality. The developers have a lot of surprises for you. So keep playing it know more. But After all of these, the game never becomes unplayable. If you get the hang of the controls, the game will provide a lot of fun and enjoyable moments.    

How To Overcome It?    

Well, you can do a couple of things to become an expert. After all the adjustments in the settings, you can still make up to the 256th level. It’s not easy, but still, you can do a couple of things to overcome any situation.

Here are some expert bits of Advice to become good at it

1. Try To Understand All Factors

Always, try not to forget about the variable settings. We have given all the factors which change from level to level. So now you can expect what can come next.

2. Take Sharp Turns

If any ghost is about to catch you, just take a sharp turn. This will help you get out of the hot spot. Keep taking turns until you are completely safe.   

3. Use Tunnels

Keep switching on the side by using these tunnels. This can help to get rid of ghosts. Also, this will lead you to a safe spot. Using these tunnels will definitely prove worthy.

4. Don’t Lose your Life

Try to be smart and don’t lose your life at the start of the game. This will decrease your chance of longer survival. Try to eat ghosts and score higher to gain more lives

How to Play Pacman 30th anniversary Today?

Well, In the old days, people used to visit their nearby game stores or arcade to play this. But to celebrate google Pac man 30th anniversary, Google has made the game easy to play anywhere. Just type the name of the game on the google Search Bar, and Start playing it now.  You can also try on Pacman 30th anniversary full-screen mode. Other than that you can also check it on the Console and Andriod version of the game. They provide the same exciting experience for the most part.

You also have an option to buy an arcade. The newer Arcade didn’t take much of your space. They can fit inside a small place. Also, they can provide the same extremely blasting experience as the older ones.


After reading all of the above-mentioned points, Now you may have an idea about the difficulty of the game. You can judge the ghost with their color and speed. Try to practice the game more. The Pacman anniversary 30th is a fun game but don’t become an addict. 

Hope you find this article interesting, Keep making progress in the game.     

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