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Non Scientific Research Method – A Detailed Guide


Are you planning to work on research using non scientific research method? There are many aspects that need high focus before you start research on a particular topic. The most important aspect is to check out the domain of research. From a broader perspective, you have to specify the Online Hifz Classes of research in terms of scientific or non-scientific aspects. If you are not aware of these domains, it is necessary to get the main differences between both fields. Both of these fields differ in terms of definition, specialities, working area and methodology. You need to go for the scientific methods mentioned in standard manuals in the scientific research. Descriptive theory, lab as well as fieldwork require standards to follow. Otherwise, you would not be able to get an appreciation for your efforts in research.

On the other hand, non scientific research does not need scientific standards. In this, you are allowed to go for traditional practices for conducting any test. From data collection to conclusion, you can perform as per experience. The main thing that matter is the existence of logic in every step of this method. Here we will discuss in the detail.

What Is A Non Scientific Research Method?

You may have heard a lot about scientific research. Most of the students are only aware of scientific research. They need to understand that non-scientific methods of research also exist. Before discussing the method, let’s understand non-scientific as per its definition. After the definition, the discussion would be on its method. So, its defination is the one that works on myths, beliefs and personal experiences. In the same way, it covers statements based on the sixth sense.

You can also find many people who take non-scientific research in another context. They term this field on the basis of the area of discussion. For example, engineering and medicine are two scientific areas of study. All sub-branches linked with these areas of study are also scientific. On the other hand, the study of arts and history comes under the non-scientific area of study. So, when people do research in such areas of study, they term it as non-scientific research. A study shows that many people who have to work on non scientific method for their dissertation, they prefer to buy dissertation online.

What are Areas of Study in Non-Scientific Research?

Following are some non-scientific areas of study:

  • Philosophy
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Literature in different languages
  • History
  • Study on religion
  • Study on ethics
  • Character building
  • Social work
  • Sociology
  • Public administration
  • History of science
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Study of culture

All these areas of study are non-scientific. You can go for any research problem from above-mentioned areas of study. The methods would be termed as non-scientific because of the type of study area. Now, you may be able to understand different aspects of calling research as non-scientific.

What Are Four Non Scientific Methods Of Research?

If you go through history, you can find many scientists who have worked on non-scientific methods. One of the best examples is Plato, who has many contributions to non-scientific research. Although the non-scientific method does not follow science standards, there is still a proper procedure to conduct it. If you think you can perform all tasks as per your choice, you are wrong. This method of research follows a designed and well-structured path. By following the proper path, you can investigate problem in a better way. A better understanding of an issue is only possible if you follow the right path to conduct the research. Following are some non-scientific research methods:

  • Tenacity
  • Intuition
  • Empirical
  • Rational

Let’s have a brief discussion on these methods.


Tenacity is the belief of a person about a particular thing. You may also have many beliefs without any evidence. Do you know how people develop beliefs about anything? When you hear so much about anything and the review of every person is same, it develops tenacity. In non-scientific research, tenacity is the most common method.


Intuition is about the gut feeling of a researcher. In intuition, you do not have to collect reason for your claim. There can be many problems and their justification without any proof. Many researchers take decisions based on their gut feeling. At the time of decision, they do not do any analysis, but they go for the sense of strong feeling about anything.

In intuition method, you can design some experiments. You can inform participants about the experiment. Also, if you do not want to inform, it is again your choice. There is no compulsion about it.


In non scientific research, one of the methods is empirical. In this method, a researcher observes the scenario and collects information as per his experience. For fresh researchers, it is suggested to avoid the empirical method. Experience is the only thing that lets you meet the best results at the end of research. The information or data collected through observation is not directly used for research. It is better to compare the collected data with relevant theory. The best thing about the empirical method is that it allows you to go for primary as well as secondary data.


You can also term the rational method as a logical method of research. In scientific research, the logical method is about inductive and deductive reasoning. You have to understand that non-scientific research has a different kind of logical method. This method is limited to a person who is conducting research. You can add personal experience about a particular happening. Based on experience, you can design a path for having the best end results of research.

Final Thoughts 

Non scientific research is very frequently used in the educational sector. If you understand the right meaning and approach to conduct it, you can surely work well on it. Otherwise, it will cause so much confusion. Without having a proper understanding, you can mix a scientific way into a non-scientific one. You can see logical method is different for scientific and non-scientific research. That is why, it is necessary to have all background information for having effective results. However, if you still face any confusion, you can hire The Academic Papers UK.

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