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Madden NFL 23: The Delay of Upcoming Update


Visit MUTEAMGO to grab MUT Coins deals and get to know more about the Madden game! EA Sports has announced that the scheduled weekly update for Madden NFL 23’s Ultimate Team mode may be delayed due to the arrival of Hurricane Ian.

Madden NFL franchise

Since EA Tiburon’s division in charge of the Madden NFL franchise is located in Florida, the sports juggernaut has taken over the work in case of  bad weather. Based in Maitland, the development studio has been responsible for the annual football franchise since it has been working with EA for many years. Now that Hurricane Ian reaches Category 3, EA is preparing for possible delays.

Good Morning streams will continue as normal, potential new in-game content may be delayed due to the Hurricane Ian.

Madden 23′ s plans for up and coming content

Do not currently have any confirmed changes to the weekly schedule, but this may change as the hurricane progresses. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency, warning of floods and evacuations across Florida. The hurricane is currently forecast to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

The storm hitting Florida will create problems for the game Madden, which has already had ups and downs. Launched in August, NFL 23 was the best sellers in  the gaming market for a whole month. However, fans and even some professional players have lashed out at the new installment in the annual franchise. Some players even said it’s the worst Madden game. While initial fan reception for Madden NFL 23 was negative despite strong sales figures, EA Sports promised to improve the game. The latest update features some changes to blocking and AI.

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