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How to cure Blurry vision?


Blurry vision occurs when you feel that your eyesight cannot focus, and it is hard to see any fine details. You may require to squint your eyes for a clear view. Another reason for blurry vision could be your older age because of specific health situations. Besides, you can feel blurry vision when you get up in the early morning or when you look at a digital screen for a long time. 

However, there are many natural means to protect the eyes and even can easily treat blurry vision without using safety prescription glasses or getting any other medical treatment. That ultimately depends on what are the underlying causes of this condition. If you are experiencing blurry vision, and it is getting severe with time, it is a good time to visit a professional for an eye exam. 

Well, the chief cause of blur vision is various health conditions. Or even sometimes, it can be temporary or permanent that can worsen with time. Some people may experience blurry vision from an early age defect, and others have it with time. In many cases, the blur vision can treat by LASIK surgery. Let’s discuss the chief causes of blur vision and how to cure it. 

Reasons for blurry vision:

  • Hyperopia or long-sightedness:

In this condition, the eye cannot focus on close objects and become blurry. The patient can only identify the object when it moves from one place to another place. Hyperopia can be treated with LASIK surgery or through prescription lenses. 

  • Myopia or short-sightedness:

Nearsightedness is appeared because of a refractive error in your eyes. You may experience blurry vision in one or sometimes both eyes, and in this condition, the patient cannot see well. Wearing safety prescription glasses or contact lenses can correct nearsightedness. Besides, you have the option of surgery if you go for permanent treatment. 

  • Astigmatism:

Patients with astigmatism feel blur view almost at all distances. This eye disorder is mainly appeared due to irregular cornea shape, and it doesn’t let light on the retina. 

  • Presbyopia: 

Well, this is a natural process and occurs with the aging process. In this condition, you may experience blurry vision to see close objects. Generally, it affects only those people who have crossed forty. It appears when your eyes cannot focus due to defective vision because of overall eye shape like hyperopia. Readers or protective glasses use with prescription lenses.

  • Cataract: 

When you feel vision change to cloudy vision or some kind of blurry spot, light glares, or night halos, it means you have a cataract. If you don’t get rid of cataracts, they can grow in cloudy shape and obstruct your vision. In the worst case, cataracts can lead to blindness if you don’t treat them well. You have the best option of cataract surgery to remove the cataract through artificial lenses. This process restores your vision successfully. 

  • Eye floaters: 

In the case of eye floaters, you would have blur vision in the shape of temporary floaters or spots that can hurdle your vision. Floaters or blurry vision mostly appear when your eyes have gel shape vitreous in which eye liquefy as you age up. However, it is a normal aging process, and you should see a doctor instantly if you experience sudden floaters. Besides, it signifies a detached or torn retina. 

  • Dry eye disorder: 

Dry eye or chronic disorder can impact the eyes in various ways. It covers fluctuating or blurred vision. One effective way to reduce dry eye disorder is treated through artificial eye drops to lubricate the eyes. However, advanced cases can be treated with medication to keep the eyes lubricated and active. 

  • Wearing contact lenses:

However, contact lenses are comfortable as compared to wearing safety glasses prescription. But if you use contact lenses for a long time, debris and protein start to collect on the lenses. It will increase the threat of infection and even can lead to blur vision at once. 

  • Glaucoma: 

This eye condition is complicated because it belongs to an eye disorder that can destroy the optic nerve and may cause vision loss. Thus, if you experience blurry vision, glaucoma could be one of the causes of the disorder. However, the glaucoma symptoms are not clear until it appears with a significant effect on your vision. Thus, the best thing to prevent glaucoma is periodically an eye exam. In the case of diagnosing glaucoma, the options of treatment are medication, surgery, or laser depending on the eye condition. 

  • Diabetes: 

For blurry vision, diabetes is also a common reason, and even studies show a positive association between cataracts and diabetes because of high blood sugar in the body. Thus, if you experience blur eyesight because of diabetes, visit an eye doctor and attain a vision report from a doctor.

  • Pregnancy: 

Pregnancy mostly goes with swollen feet, morning sickness, backache, fatigue, and constipation. Besides, hormonal fluctuations in your body can cause blurry vision if you are pregnant. But vision can return to normal condition after delivery, and in some cases, it becomes serious. So, make sure to visit an ophthalmologist instantly to remove these issues. 

Blurry vision treatments:

Well, the blurry vision treatment is usually depending on the causes. Treatment for refractive disorders such as myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia is possible with contact lenses or prescription safety glasses. However, contact lenses are comfortable, but it is hard to clean lenses regularly. 

But if you need permanent treatment, you should go with LASIK surgery which is available in almost all health eye centers. It is a painless and fast process of attaining perfect vision, and even its results can last for a long time. 

Blurry vision can occur due to serious health conditions, such as diabetes. Thus, make sure you are stressing your eyes and avoiding eye fatigue. Get enough sleep and make sure your eyes are not dried. Use eye drops to lubricate your eyes if you need them. 

Natural cures for blurry vision:

Blurry vision has numerous reasons. Thus lifestyle and natural cures can help to change vision, and you can see clearly. 

  • Enough recovery and rest:

Every human eye is sensitive, and thus it requires enough rest like your body. Thus, you need to ensure you are getting good sleep. If you are using a computer screen for a long time of the day, you need to take a regular break by following the 20-20-20 rule. Following these rules, you need to shift your eyes to look at another object. Wear Polarized safety glasses with anti-reflect coating for removing glare.

  • Eyes lubrication:

If you have dry eyes due to blurry vision, you can enhance your blurriness by blinking your eyes a few times. Or use a warm compress for gentle massage of the eyelids. It will help to stimulate glands of the eyelid. Besides, another option is artificial tears bought from drug stores. These things will work effectively to lubricate eyes and prevent them from dry eyes or eye-straining. 

  • Boost up air quality: 

If you have a dry climate around you, you should use a humidifier to prevent your eyes. Thus don’t blow air directly on your face, particularly at night. 

  • Quit smoking: 

Smoking has a big contribution to leading to many diseases like cataracts, optic nerve destruction, and AMD. Besides, smoking can lead to dry eyes. 

  • Prevent allergies:

Preventing all allergies, thus avoiding things that can lead to allergies. For instance, if you have a dust allergy, you need to ensure a clean bedroom and don’t allow it to build up because it can affect the eyes while sleeping. In case of outdoor allergies, close the windows of your room or house and try to use the air conditioner process to filter allergies. If all these cures are not working, consult with a doctor for immediate treatment which they recommend for allergies. 

  • Include fatty acids in food: 

Many studies show that omega-3 fatty acids have a good effect on those people who have signs of dry eyes. But, still more studies require approval of such results. A fatty acid is also present in supplements, and you can increase its quantity. 

  • Algae
  • Fatty fish
  • Walnuts
  • Flex seeds

Consult your professional doctor before getting fatty acid supplements. Because it can increase the threat of bleeding. 

  • Eyes protection:

Well, sunglasses are excellent ways to protect your eyes when you are outside. Keep remembering to pick sunglasses with 100% UV protection, Like Polarized Sunglasses by SEG Besides, protective glasses with tinted lenses are not an essential accessory for hot weather, but they have some importance. Another advantage of sunnies is to deliver ultimate safety against dust and debris that are irritating to the eyes.

  • Importance of vitamin A:

Food with a low diet consisting of vitamin A can cause dry eyes and even lead to other vision issues like blurry vision. You can get vitamin A in two forms;

  • From animal products like liver, fish, and dairy
  • From plant-based diets like
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Red pepper

Some studies also indicate that blood levels with high carotenoids can significantly decrease the threat of AMD. Thus vitamin A can reduce AMD along with some other eye issues. Therefore, you need to be careful while using a supplement. Due to the feature of fat-soluble vitamin A. It means the accumulation of vitamin A can develop unhealthy levels. Therefore, taking an extra amount of vitamin A can be toxic, and it has many side effects. 

  • Cleaning of contact lenses:

The contact wearers should wash their hands before cleaning contact lenses. Besides, you can disinfect lenses by following provided guidelines. Avoid using contact lenses while sleeping in bed because it can prove dangerous for the eyes. 

  • Follow some exercises to cure blurry eyes:

Eye exercises have some role in maintaining eye health as rolling your eyes up and down and right and left. There is a small scientific proof that suggests eye exercise can help to cure blurry eyes. Besides, improve your eye health with green vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables and fruits are more recommendable than the use of a supplement. Vegetables are a great source of vitamin A. avoid depending on supplements because diet has significant importance for enough nutrition. 

When do your eyes need a professional suggestion?

You don’t require to visit professional eye care if your blurriness can easily go away with a few home remedies or blinking. But if you notice that your eyesight is increasingly blurry and if it persists, your eyes require an eye care specialist for a comprehensive eye exam. 

There are few natural treatments to shield eyes and even can reduce blurry vision without any medical cure. But it depends on the severity of blurriness. For example, if blurry vision is because of refractive disorder or specific diseases that need medical help. 

If blur vision occurs because of allergies, eye strain, or dry eyes due to experiencing a digital screen for a long time, few natural remedies are helpful. But if blur vision persists with pain, see an ophthalmologist for a detailed eye exam. 

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