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How Can Online Database Leak Monitoring Solutions Help Businesses Avoid Million-Dollar Losses?


What is Online Leaked Documents Screening? How is it relevant to regulatory compliance and financial firms today? Why should financial firms invest in International Leaks Database Monitoring Services? And how Leaked Documents Screening Solution could help businesses save million-dollar losses in regulatory fines? These are some of the questions that compliance officers take into account before investing their budget in regulatory technology. However, to understand how Internationally Leaked Documents Screening Services are a worthwhile investment, let’s first learn what internationally leaked documents really are. What has been their impact and how they can be used for compliance and screening your customers against threats of money laundering and terrorist financing? 

What Internationally Leaked Documents Really Are?

Leaked documents released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) have set an unprecedented practice of what was previously thought impossible: exposing the criminal corruption by the world leaders, billionaires, and filthy rich who had been thriving and sustaining their generational wealth at the expense of everyone else. 

The groundbreaking revelations of financial misconduct by the filthy rich from all across the world exposed in these international leaked documents shed light on the hidden treasure of wealth saved in the offshore accounts and far-flung tax havens, away from public scrutiny, and that nobody had any clue about. It was a groundbreaking revelation and it sent shock waves in all countries, and all across the globe. 

The extent of tax evasion committed by the world’s billionaires and the scale of money laundering exposed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), was something that even law enforcement agencies, government authorities, and international regulatory authorities could hardly imagine and had failed to uncover.

These released databases of leaked documents by the ICIJ exposed 810,000 offshore entities uncovered in their publications of Panama Papers, Bahamas Leaks, Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers, and Offshore Leaks Investigations uncovered the inner workings of a secret offshore economy that helps hide the wealth of well-connected and filthy rich 200 countries and jurisdictions businesses.

These leaked databases by the ICIJ also shed light on how global politics is operating side by side with the shadow economy of offshore tax havens. Revelations of such financial misdoings by the political and economic elite of the world explain why governments and international institutions have done close to nothing to disrupt the offshore economy and financial abuses by the filthy rich as world leaders were exposed as the secret beneficial owners of offshore firms owning private jets, luxury property, secret bank accounts, and million dollar artworks by the geniuses such as Banksy, Picasso, and others businesses. These leaked documents provided way more extensive information than ever uncovered by government agencies and law enforcement business organizations. 

Why Are Offshore Financial Abuses Still Ongoing?

In all this saga, the irony is that people in the echelons of power including world leaders, cabinet ministers, politicians, billionaires, royal family members, and top executives have the power to eliminate offshore financial exploitation and the secret world of shell companies, are themselves involved in building their offshore wealth away from the public scrutiny, to avoid paying taxes at home countries, hide their ill-gotten wealth, and questionable sources of income. 

The internationally leaked documents uncovered luxury properties bought in posh venues like Paris, London, Switzerland, Monaco, Malibu, and many others. Luxury items are purchased like luxury watches, yachts, luxury mansions, and beyond. They built complex layers of shell companies to stash assets in these complex layers of shell companies and obscured the beneficial ownership of their extensive and luxury financial assets. All this is done at the expense of the poor population in their home countries and successfully evading trillions of dollars of taxes to preserve their generational wealth. 

How Internationally Leaked Databases Can Be Used in AML Compliance?

Now the question arises, how could millions of terabytes of leaked databases could be used in the financial industry? And how  Leaked Documents Screening can be incorporated in the regular compliance protocols? Is it even necessary? And finally, how does International Leaks Database Monitoring Services help meet the Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements?

Regulated businesses like financial firms are required to conduct Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes and Anti-Money Laundering compliance protocols like sanction screening, watchlist screening, and screening of Politically Exposed Persons i.e. PEP screening, before initiating any business with prospective clients. This compliance requirement is mandated by the international regulatory bodies, government agencies, and law enforcement organizations. 

The data provided by these giant organizations is not as extensive as the Internationally Leaked Documents released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). Before onboarding a prospective customer, financial firms can employ Leaked Documents Screening Solution to make sure that the potential client is not involved in any financial misconduct such as tax evasion and money laundering, by screening them against these leaked databases and making sure they are not a threat to the firm and its efforts to comply with anti-money regulations. Visit for more details: mediatakeoutnews

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