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Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray Market: An Astounding Imaging Device


X-rays are the most commonly used imaging techniques. The technique was discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in the year 1895. The discovery of X-rays was a momentous event and a breakthrough that revolutionized the fields of medicine and physics. Furthermore, in due course of time, new technologies were adopted like flat panel detectors (FPD). The Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray market has expanded and has a myriad of applications. Let us know what is Flat panel detector is and its influence on the X-Ray market-

What is a flat panel detector?

The FPD is a photographic element that is utilized in digital radiography. The flat panel detectors transform the X-rays passing through a shadow object into an image. The FPDs are utilized in mammography, X-rays, X-ray CT, etc. 

What are the types of flat panel detectors?

In the Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray market, there are two types of the FPDs-

  • Indirect conversion flat-panel detectors: In this type of detector, the scintillator is laid flat and the emission of light is detected by a photodiode. 
  • Direct conversion flat-panel detectors: In the direct type detector, a very high voltage bias is applied to the selenium film, afterward the current starts flowing when X-rays enter and turns on the TFT transistor. This process transforms the signal into an image. 

What are the advantages of Flat-panel detectors?

The flat panel detectors are not only utilized for imaging but also widely used in the various extra oral imaging device. The flat panel detectors are capable to provide comparatively large matrix areas incorporating pixel sizes less than 100 micrometers. Moreover, the vast range of benefits of flat panel detectors are-

  • Faster and more sensitive
  • For the purpose of fluoroscopy, FPDs are lighter and durable
  • FPDs are more accurate
  • Lesser image distortion than X-ray image intensifiers 
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Higher efficiency 
  • Portability
  • Simplified image storage

These advantages allow the FPD-based X-ray to be highly preferable to diagnosing the heart, lungs, and other sensitive organs. 

What are flat-panel detectors made up of?

 In the Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray market, the detectors which are made up of semiconductor matrix are widely available. This composition allows a digitized image to acquire while taking an X-ray. 

Why the Flat-panel detector (FDP)- based X-ray market is flourishing?

The prominent reason for the growth of the market is expected to be the preference for the X-ray segment by the patients. Since the FDP- based X-ray provides advantages such as flexibility in the use for the pediatric as well as the geriatric population. These advantages are anticipated to boost market growth. Additionally, the area occupancy of FPD-based X-rays is minimum which is also projected to act as a catalyst in the market growth. 

Nowadays, governments are trying to render state-of-the-art hospital infrastructure to the public. These hospitals are equipped with the latest technology machines, on account of this, the Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray market growth is projected to witness remarkable growth. 

A vast range of applications of the FPD-based X-ray machines is also expected to fuel the demand. Dental Imaging, Implantology, Orthodontics, Oral surgery, endodontics, etc are the major applications of such machines. 

In a nutshell,

Various leading companies such as Terumo Corporations, Carestream Health, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., Siemens AG, etc are prominent companies in the FPD-based X-ray market. These renowned companies are rendering top-notch products and harnessing good profits. 

Furthermore, it is always advisable to know all the nitty-gritty, such as growth drivers, market constraints, regional synopsis, etc before initiating something on your own. The Flat Panel Detector (FDP)- Based X-Ray market report, which has been prepared by the veteran team of Research Nester, is one imperative thing you should devour yourself into, before initiating the business. The report is an exhaustive analysis that will make the reader well-acquainted with the market scenarios. Remember that it is always good to sweat more in the training and bleed less in battle. The report incorporates regions where the market growth is expected to thrive the most. Subsequently, after reading this detailed report the reader will be able to make a prudent decision. 

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