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Facebook – How to Promote Your Facebook Page


You have now created a Your Facebook Page for your business. You invite your friends to like your page and get 30 “likes”, but now what? How do you get more people to like your page? Especially those who are not friends with you. and know what you are doing How to spread the word and get 500 million users on Facebook.

Here are 7 proven ways to boost your ‘fan base’ brand awareness. and ultimately your profits Keep in mind that for ease of use The author has used the outdated word “fans” as a valid replacement for “likes” for people who follow your page on buy facebook video views PayPal.

  1. Recommend your page to your friends and ask them to recommend it to their friends.

yes you did But what’s stopping you from offering it again? Some people may not see the invitation. Some people may not know what this page is about. And you are the people behind this company. It’s also a good idea not to just click a button. “Refer a friend” but to write a personal message for each of your friends. while you’re visiting Ask them to recommend the page to their friends. Don’t expect them to keep doing it, they can’t. Ask them to do this directly and give your page a chance to spread.

  1. Create valuable content

Having a Facebook page for your business just to have one (Because your competitor only has one page and all your online marketing experts will tell you) and then there’s no point in using the page. It’s like having a barbecue in the backyard and never using it. Waste of money and time Keep people who like your Facebook page following you. Give them valuable information that will help their business grow. Tell them about the news before you make it to the general public. Offer them exclusive offers only on Facebook, etc. This makes it easier for them to recommend your Page to their friends.

  1. Include a link to your Facebook page on the website and in your email signature.

Or go even further and include it in your business cards, flyers, and other promotional information to make it easiest for people to connect with you on Facebook.

  1. Attract your “fan base” with your posts.

Don’t talk about yourself and your product. But try to learn more about your fans, ask questions and get as many opinions as possible. Try to make your page a place where people with similar interests can meet and share their ideas and experiences. Turn your page from an advertising tool where you talk about your products and services to a connection you offer to your fans. And don’t expect them to thank you right away with your purchase. Some of them will eventually follow.

  1. Find relevant pages on Facebook.

Let’s say you’re a photographer. Find relevant pages on Facebook, such as a beautician or wedding planner. Like these pages Leave your opinion there. interact with them And eventually the fans of these pages will click on your page too.

  1. Connect Facebook to your blog.

If you have a company blog This should be easy for you. Keep writing interesting blog posts and use social media share buttons. This allows people to share your posts and blogs on Facebook. Be sure to include a call to action to rate your Facebook page on your blog. Visit how businesses use social media for marketing.

  1. Facebook Ads

You can increase your “fan base” by advertising your page with Facebook ads, creating ads that target your audience, and letting it run for a while. And don’t forget to measure your results.

  1. Repeat the above from time to time and always keep track of your efforts. Keep a record of your statistics against the actions you take to see what works and what doesn’t. After all, Facebook is just another marketing tool. And marketing is all about testing and measuring.

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