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I was in my late thirties when it hit me. Those well-deserved laugh lines around my eyes. Those lines settling permanently on my forehead. And those parentheses around my overly expressive mouth weren’t going to magically disappear on their own. I guess you could say my skincare routine at the time was pretty basic. Cetaphil Cleanser (suggested during the only dermatologist appointment I’d ever had in my twenties). And the tried and tested natural man soap from my mother.

They say that the teacher appears when the students are prepared, So. It’s no surprise that around the same time I met a woman who. When I asked her what she did for a living. Told me she helped women over 40 years to “redesign their faces”. At the start, I felt she was a cosmetic surgeon whose customers got under the knife. I wasn’t up for something so drastic (not yet anyway). When she told me her specialty was injectables, I made a STAT appointment. A visit to the clinic later – Botox in my forehead and eye wrinkles. Filler under my eyes – I was not only impressed with the results.

I was delighted to look like myself again, just more rested and without wrinkles. After all, my obsession with celebrity culture had shown me more. Than a few cautionary tales about lips, cheeks or, even worse, a frozen face. As a creative, I’ve always loved having a fully expressive face and would never. Want to alter its ability to show real emotion, filled with joy, angst or whatever.

About a year into my life with injectables, I started thinking about how to keep the results longer at home. Specifically, I invested in a complete clinical skincare routine, including cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. The home results were equally astonishing. That sunspot that was just below my left eye? Faded away. The visible redness that I often saw on my cheeks. Decreases.

A decade later, my passion for skincare has also become my profession. As Kate Somerville’s copy editor, I get to write, learn, and experience the best skincare I’ve ever used. I also take advantage of the employee discount at. Our expert Kate Sommerville skin health clinic on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. Where the most incredible team of estheticians and nurses take care of the skin every day. You also get the best goat milk products for your sensitive skin.

I am a regular client. And have seen incredible results for my now 50 year old face with Dysport and Botox. Anti-wrinkle neurotoxins that smooth wrinkles around the forehead and eye area; Dermal filler with Hyaluronic acid serum that plumps up the area under the eyes. Where I notice the visible signs of aging the most; AOP yarns that visibly lifted my sagging jaw; and some JUVÉDERM® lip plumping as a yearly birthday present for myself. Looking at me, you wouldn’t know I did anything to my face. This is one of the things I appreciate the most, our clinician’s conservative approach to medical aesthetics. I just look well rested and feel like I’m aging well.

When I look back. I’m a little amazed at how that first date for injectables helped transform not just my skin. But ultimately my husband’s skin, as well as my career. Today, I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin and look forward to owning my age over the years. Armed with the help of my own skin health experts and my skincare routine. home skin care.

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