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Astrology: Check Out The Effect of Moon on Native’s Kundli!


Astrology: Effect of Moon

Moon-affected people will call them in whose horoscope the Moon is sitting in a very strong position. Moon sitting in Cancer or Taurus ascendant makes the native a Moon-affected person. At other places in the horoscope also, if the Moon is in a powerful position after receiving strength from other planets, then it makes the person a moon-affected person.

In general, people who are affected by the Moon have strong mental strength, yet sensitive. The moon is similar to water. Regardless of the planet, it’s getting the effects of It to begin to become similar. The essence of the Moon is creativity and efficiency. In the event that the Moon is influenced by Mars, There is accelerate natural growth in this creative process, whereas when it is under the influence of Venus there is a feeling of luxury. If it’s with Saturn the negative side is likely to occur. If it’s Mercury the Moon makes calculations smart.

While Mercury and the Moon are averse to each other in nature, the shrewdness of their calculations is likely to result in negative consequences. In the end, the Moon by itself can only show the sensitivity and intensity of emotions. According to Astrology,  The characteristics of that element are absorbed by the clear, clean water when combined with the other planets. Similar to the Moon changing its position in the horoscope’s houses. Instead of giving away its free fruit

If Moon gives negative results in a Kundali, it generally corrupts the mind. Due to this the person gets stuck in a state of indecision, mental balance starts deteriorating, and the tendency to lie and start spreading rumors. Often such people also become victims of anxiety.

Moon in Lagan (Marriage)

In Astrology, If it is negative, then the person is worried, humiliated by the woman, does not satisfy the woman completely, the child gets delayed, the patient, the patient of mental diseases, becomes mad, and the person is afraid of drowning.

Moon in Second House

If negative, then it tells in the study of the native’s wealth, that there is no benefit of ancestral wealth, spends more money, the woman has a short life, the person is addicted to drugs, is a disease for the father.

Moon in Third House

If negative, the person suffers from mental anxieties, suffers from Bhram disease, sometimes sleep disorders also occur, there is a loss in travel, father ages, is humiliated by siblings, neighbors and There is opposition from relatives.

Moon in Fourth house

In Astrology, If it is negative, then the person destroys the ancestral wealth, the household life is unhappy, has to face opposition from the woman, himself is the opponent of the mother, there is a fear of accident with the vehicle, the householder is worried about life.

Moon in the fifth house

If it is negative, then the person has an unstable mind, unhappy, humiliated by their mother, the child of the person is his opponent, there is an obstruction in education, there is a loss in business.

Moon in Sixth house

If it is negative, the person is of thin body, the person is prone to paralysis, kidney disease, urinary diseases, sometimes intestinal diseases also occur, the person suffers loss by keeping a pet and opening a poultry house. He remains indebted for most of his life, spends more money, quarrels with his mother, remains mentally deranged, and is most prone to gas and diarrheal diseases. Here the Moon is aspected by Saturn or with Saturn, then the marriage is delayed or the marriage does not take place.

Moon in the seventh house

If negative, then the person is of thin body, the woman’s mind is unstable, jealous of others, discordant with the mother, a drug addict, here the Moon is afflicted by sinful planets. So the woman dies and another has to be married. Get the solution to the moon’s effect while communicating with World Famous Astrologer in India.

Moon in the Eighth house

If it is negative, then the person is short-lived and inauspicious for the mother, the person engrosses and suffers from secret diseases, but destroys wealth on the woman, and gets premature death.

Moon in the Ninth House

According to Astrology, If it is negative, then there is a sum of the father’s short life. And it is a disease for the mother, the expect success abroad is not achieving.

Moon in the Tenth House

If negative, the person’s mind remains unstable. Suffers loss in changing job and business, there are obstacles in getting ancestral wealth, there is discord with the woman, mother’s short life, if she contests elections, she defeats, female side Money does not benefit from this, the person is sick.

Moon in the Eleventh House

If it is giving negative results, then the happiness of the child is less. The son’s progeny is less, there is discord with the mother, and there is a fear of impotence disease.

Moon in the Twelfth House

If it is negative, then the person is a disease of the eyes, destroyer of the wealth of the in-laws becomes strong. It is a patient with secret diseases and is a pathological and bad character for his wife. Failure to travel abroad leads to loss of wealth.

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