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A Comprehensive Guide To Getting Your Glasses’ Lens Replaced


Have you heard about the reglaze glasses service? It gives you the option of getting the lenses of your existing pair of glasses replaced. It is an affordable option as it rules out the need for you to buy a new pair of glasses and also gives you the option of keeping your existing frames.

But do you know when you should get your glasses’ lens replaced? To avail the reglaze glasses service, you need to know about this. 

Recently, when I went to buy women’s glasses over the internet, I was also provided with the option of reglaze glasses service. That’s when I read about it in detail. So here I am to help you with glasses’ lens replacement. Read on to know when you need a replacement for the lenses of your glasses.

Outdated Prescription

If you are facing any issue with regards to clarity in vision with your existing prescription glasses, or even experiencing conditions like headaches, eye strain, fatigue, among others, there are high chances that your prescription has changed and you need to get it updated.

To get to know your exact prescription, you should opt for an eye test. Specscart – a Manchester-born eyewear startup in the UK – provides the service of free eye test, and it is worth availing this service. In fact, an annual eye test is highly recommended for healthy eyes.

Once you know about your updated prescription, you can send your existing pair for reglazing to get them upgraded.

Aged Or Damaged Lenses

WIth time, it is natural for lenses to wear off. Continuing with the same lenses is not at all advisable. Your lenses should also be replaced when there is a scratch on them. 

You should not make the mistake of using damaged lenses as they can only cause more harm than good. As and when any defect arises in your lenses, you should get them replaced immediately by sending them for reglazing.

For A Change In Function Of Your Glasses

We all know that glasses perform a range of functions today, and this is made possible by the different types of lenses. If you wish to get your existing pair upgraded with some other function, reglaze glasses service is your way to go. Here are the options that you have.

Recently, I was able to make great savings by sending my existing pair of circle glasses for reglazing to get them upgraded with transition lenses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With digital screens becoming an intrinsic part of our lives, we are exposed to blue light emitted from them at a significant scale. In such a case, excessive exposure can cause problems such as eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and can also disturb our circadian rhythm (natural sleep and wake cycle of our body). This is where blue light blocking glasses come in.

By using a blue light filter over the surface of their lenses, blue light blocking glasses – also known as computer glasses – filter out the blue light incident over them and prevent it from striking our eyes.


If you are suffering from both nearsightedness and farsightedness, you will need to make a shift to varifocal glasses. Varifocal glasses have three different visibility zones that cater to eyesight correction for different ranges of distance – namely, near, intermediate, and far.

Considering the advanced nature of varifocal lenses, it is natural for them to be high-priced. This is where reglaze glasses service can help you get an upgrade at a reasonable price.

Anti-glare Glasses

In outdoor conditions, glare is a very common occurrence and we understand that it gets irritating at times. If you are fed up with encountering glare on a frequent basis, you have anti-glare glasses to go with.

The lenses of anti-glare glasses use an anti-reflective coating that filters out the horizontally reflected light rays (responsible for causing glare) and eliminates the occurrence of glare in this manner.


You may be amazed to know that you can even get your existing pair of glasses converted to sunglasses. All that is required is a replacement of lenses. 

If you think that you can even style your existing frames with sunglasses’ lenses, do not hesitate to send them for reglazing. In the process of reglazing, the clear lenses of your existing pairs will be replaced with that of tinted ones, with the added function of UV protection.


If you want to derive the function of both glasses and sunglasses from a single pair, transition lenses are your go-to thing. These lenses are sensitive to UV rays, and as and when UV rays are incident over them, the function of UV protection of transition lenses gets activated and they adopt a tinted appearance.

The advanced transition lenses are not only a cool style but also have a great utility as they are effectively 2-in-1 lenses. When you are indoors, transition lenses maintain a crystal clear appearance in the absence of UV rays. Once you step outdoors in sunny conditions, they take on the role of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays.

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