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6 Effective Product Marketing Strategies for Beginners


Product marketing activities can be said to be the spearhead of the company because without marketing, it is difficult or even impossible to introduce a brand or brand to the target market.

Product marketing activities in the past and now are very much different. Now, you can use more sophisticated technology to streamline expenses and get optimal benefits. Today’s product marketing strategy is not just to benefit from marketing efficiency, but also must prioritize skills and abilities.

Product Marketing Strategy Plays an Important Role

Each company has its own characteristics in implementing an effective product marketing strategy. However, the purpose of a strategy is certainly oriented towards the success of the previously planned business targets. For beginners, knowing marketing strategies is a must because the right strategy will have an impact on brand awareness. In the following, sribu.com provides several choices of effective product marketing strategies for beginners.

  1. Research Market

product marketing strategy

Market research is an action in a product marketing strategy to find out the state of the market and potential consumers. At this stage, you must really know the people who are most likely to use your product.

For example, your company operates in the cosmetic department for teenage girls, so you should be able to start by targeting the market that suits your product. Teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 20 have their own tastes in cosmetic products. Therefore, you are required to know the tastes of these teenagers and the trends that developed at that time.

By doing market research, the target market that you will dominate will be smaller so that it will be very profitable for you in the future. In addition, by reducing the target market, you can be more detailed in issuing products and can provide extra services to consumers.

  1. Maximizing Conventional Marketing with an effective product marketing strategy

Product marketing strategies with conventional marketing are still important even though digital marketing has mushroomed. Promotions with conventional marketing will make the promotions you do come alive. One of the advantages of conventional promotions is that you can make promotions very creative and innovative.

Some conventional ways of marketing that you can do include distributing brochures, making banners, billboards, and several other graphic designs. In addition, there is a way of promotion called mouth to mouth or word of mouth. This is done by taking advantage of consumers who are very satisfied with your product. These consumers will tell you about your product to relatives and people they know.

  1. Expanding into Digital Marketing

The current product marketing strategy almost always uses digital marketing. You should not waste the advanced technology that is already available. Digital marketing is very effective for promoting products because it is easy, cheap, wide reach, and very efficient.

Quoted from the Crazy Panda page, there are 5 important things that novice businessmen must learn when implementing digital marketing. The five important things include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and using Basic Programming.

SEO and SMM are two very main choices, luxury but you have to adjust to the product being marketed first.

If the product being marketed is a product related to daily needs, then you can use SMM. Meanwhile, if the product you are marketing is a product that is sought after, then you can use an effective SEO strategy.

SEO is an important thing that must be known and learned for novice businessmen who will use digital marketing strategies. To learn SEO is not instant, but you can do it with a strong commitment and determination.

SMM is the most powerful social media marketing strategy because almost everyone from different backgrounds is very active in using social media.

  1. Establish Good Relationships with Customers

Every SME product marketing strategy you choose, you can’t miss a must to establish good relationships with customers. You must respond to customer feedback and listen to their feedback. You can ask for testimonials about your product to customers who are satisfied with your product.

Another way that you can do to build relationships with customers is to provide some kind of shopping reward or discount. Customers will feel valued, so they are likely to return to buy your product and keep them from switching to competitors.

  1. Following the Trend or Development of the Times

A product will be said to be a trend, if it becomes the center of attention or the center of conversation by the majority of people. Therefore, you must always be able to provide innovation with the products you make.

For example, if the product is related to fashion, then you have to vary your design or fashion model. Also know their tastes, make sure that your products are not out of date so that consumers will always be looking for them.

  1. Evaluate and Improve Products

Every action in a product marketing strategy, you must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the product you produce. You must be able to develop the strengths you have and try to reduce the existing weaknesses. Try to learn things that can improve your product so that customers will be more satisfied

Product quality is the image of your brand. Therefore, every time you have to do various ways to improve the quality of your product, or at least keep it balanced. Quality products are the most important product marketing strategy. When a customer is satisfied with your product, then without any other promotional activities, your product will be sold again because consumers do not want to miss your product.


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