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5 mistakes investors make while buying property in Dubai


Making high revenue in business is the dream buying property of every businessman. The markets that have high chances of profits are a dream for investors. For this reason, Dubai has a huge attraction for investors. While planning to buy properties in Dubai, you should take care of the mistakes that most investors make. If you take care of these points, you will surely end up being successful in terms of investment profits.

  1. Contacting virgin developers

This is the biggest mistake when investors trust virgin developers. The reason is development may look simple but it’s not an easy thing to do. If the developers have done some projects before, we can judge from their performance whether they delivered or not. We can also check the building if they have used quality raw materials.

How they allure you is they give huge discounts to get the first projects. When they will give huge discounts, they will end up using low-quality raw materials.

  1. Focusing on the small details while missing out on the big ones 

For most investors, renting amount is the first thing to look after. We think that they should take care of the community and location of the projects first. Future aspects of community infrastructure are also very important things.

  1. Not investing in a mature community 

A mature community means one that has schools, hospitals, clinics, transport links, nurseries, and shopping malls present.

  1. Service charges

Make sure service charges are comparable to other buildings around. If you pay higher service charges it will affect the rental income in turn.

Falling victim to market noise.

Now, this is the worst mistake an investor can make while buying property in Dubai. You are recommended to avoid it. They use promotions and pressure tactics to make you buy the property that you don’t want to buy. They say that this offer is ending soon, this area is available for a few days after that your chances to buy it are gone. Such things can cause you to make the wrong decision in the hassle. So do your research.

  1. Research can get some time buying property

Investors should do proper research to make the best decision. Research takes time but results are sum. First, you know the type of property you want then decide accordingly. From buying a house in Forest Villas to taking risk of buying in the maturing communities, you will have to search for all the facts. Know the actual location of the property. You should the actual view of the property. Many times developers tell you that your property will have a view of Burj Khalifa while actually; your property is far away from that view. So visiting the property location by you will be the best thing to do before spending the money.

Hope you be careful about all these mistakes and never make the one. If you take of these things, you are sure to get things done in a proper way.

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